Lion International


We offer specialized services for those who want to export to all the world becoming a muntinational

Lion International is always up to date and ready to meet your export needs based on the legislation in force in various areas.

This service caters to Brazilian producers or suppliers who wish to increase their sales by bringing their products to all over the world. We take care of all the negotiation, logistics, export, cargo insurance, payments, receipts, financing, technical consultancy and everything your company needs to focus on your business, leaving all the details to us.

We offer business advice in China, Dubai and the United States so you can reach customers in these countries, increasing your sales. We do not work in partnership with payment only in the successful closing of the sale, this specific service is paid in advance so that we can prospect the services or products of your company.


The Lion International is your best option

Expand business opportunities by becoming a Lion International customer. We help you export to all over the world and import with competitive prices to sell in Brazil.

Contact us now and import and export with the best option.

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