Lion International

Supplier Survey in China!

Escape the middlemen and middlemen! Lion International brings you closer to Chinese manufacturers, increasing your profit margins.

We make sure that the manufacturer really exists, so that your company doesn't get hit by the Internet, preventing you from paying for a product you never get

What do our agents in China do?

Visit the manufacturer

Take photographs of the site

Seek reference information from other customers

Check the legal records with the Chinese government to confirm the supplier's suitability

In the supplier search process, you may receive a sample of the product you wish to order to make sure that what you are buying is really what you are getting. Making a purchase based on a catalog photo is very shallow, so we advise you to bring a showcase.

You can put your logo on the product you are importing, as if it were you who made it. Chinese factories also fulfill orders by meeting their specifications.

Contact us now and import and export with the best option.

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