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I want to export my products from Brazil to the world

I want to export my products from Brazil to the world

Export to the world

Exporting products from Brazil is a relatively easy task. The hardest part is matching the product to the requirements of the country you are going to, as well as getting a customer to buy them abroad. Lion International can advise you on both.

The biggest difficulty for those who want to export is to know a customer who buys abroad. Lion International can advise your company on getting a customer abroad. But this will require investment to prospect new customers. We do not work receiving commission if a sale is made, as we are not sales representatives.

Many Brazilian producers cannot get customers abroad because they are unwilling to invest in prospecting for new customers. For the most part, Brazilian producers just want to pay a commission to anyone who makes a sale, without having to pay anything in advance to prospect and like to call it a partnership. Lion International does not partner with us.

There are countless international trade shows where Lion International can put your company on a stand to prospect new customers. The investment can range from U$20,000 to U$60,000 depending on the fair and the size of the stand.

As there are in Brazil some regulatory bodies such as ANVISA, INMETRO, ANEEL and Sanitary Surveillance, in other countries also exist. We at Lion International provide advice to tailor your product to the requirements of other countries so you can export.

An example of this is that some countries do not accept food products like juices, soda and mineral water in a plastic bottle, it needs to be in glass. These details make all the difference when we export a product from Brazil.

Contact us now and import and export with the best option.

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